Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Wow, time seems to fly, and fast.

This time of year brings up so many memories. It seems as I listen to beautifully written Christmas music, memories flood in. I go straight back to 2007, when I was pregnant with Gwyneth. When my family and friends were praying fervently. When each breath felt like agony. When I wasn't getting any sleep for days on end.

But then, I would be reminded of God's love.

Through songs...

It was the Christmas music that I have always loved to listen to that would calm my spirit.

In the midst of a storm.

These songs I still cherish, bring back vivid memories of the ICU, family flying in to see me, a desperate plea for my friends to pray, for the life of my baby. For my life as well.

My last request was this: "Pray for our peace of minds, and for our families. This has been a very stressful and scary situation for Nathan and I. Things are beginning to happen so quickly and so much is uncertain. Our faith is not shaken and we firmly believe in miracles and the power of prayer. Please be sending our prayer requests to your fellow friends and family!"

God's power is unmeasurable. His grace exceeding. His love never failing.

Each and every Christmas, I am reminded of how blessed our family is.

Some times I get really frusterated at life. When Gwyneth won't eat, when home projects need to be done and money is short, when my husband feels ill, when I forget an appointment. And then I sit back and remember. I am breathing, Gwyneth is growing and enjoying life, I am loved by a wonderful husband, my family is healthy and alive and doing well.

Then I remember what Christ has done for me. He was a born into the earth to live and die for me. He has done great and marvelous things and continues to do so.

I am reminded of that heavenly peace that He gave when I desperately needed it. When I am open to it, it flows again, into my heart and soul and life.

Thank You Jesus for that holy night, many many years ago. When you were humbled and born in a stable. Thank you for your sweet peace in my life.