My friends and family used to know me as, 65roses4pattysue.com

This blog was originally intended to be a blog about my trust fund, health and life with cystic fibrosis.

It was during this blog that I began feeling sick

really, really, really sick

needing a double lung transplant sick

and my husband began blogging, here. September of 2007.

This post from his first days of blogging brings with it irony. Since Nate used the same song with one of his first posts that I used in my very last post. I would like this song to be stated or better yet sung to me as I take my last breath. It is probably one of my favorite songs of King David.

Back to the story...

After becoming sick enough for Duke University to officially list me for a transplant

I found out I was pregnant. Words cannot describe the emotion that came with this news.

It was on January 1, 2008 I petitioned a plea,
 to pray...
for a miracle.

That my baby and I would survive the odds of 50/50 chance of survival.

It was eight days later, on January the 8th, I had an emergency C-section and our first daughter:

Gwyneth {White. Fortunate. Fair. Happiness. Blessed}
Rose  {Named after Cystic Fibrosis a.k.a 65roses}

was born weighing at 1 pound, 6 ounces and measuring at 12 inches long.

She indeed was our blessed, fortunate, tiny white rose. Our miracle.

My blog continued but eventually the journal ended with having an infant in my care.

I have always loved writing down my thoughts, especially on new learning experiences.

I want to begin to journal again what I am learning.

I feel passionate about God having big plans for Gwyneth's life. I know I do not have a long time here on earth. I want to continue to write my thoughts on cystic fibrosis, organ donations, transplant, cancer, prematurity and now the new world of hearing loss and cerebral palsy. Some days I seriously think I should have gone to medical school. But, I am ok with being on the other side. I hope to make a positive change and give hope for those who deal with chronic illness and special needs.

So goodbye 65roses4pattysue. Hello to the new world of living, learning, and loving. I look forward to our story hopefully encouraging others and making a positive difference in their lives.