So Long, Farewell

Tomorrow, we pack. Ladybug to the grandparents, Lightning bug (our foster daughter) to our friend's R and LC, Pugbug will be packing to visit Uncle Frank, and Lovebug and I will be packing for a few days visit to Duke University Medical B&B. I will hopefully have some stomach issues resolved with a gallbladder removal and two other procedures in my stomach. I am not looking forward to being away from my girls, sleeping in a single bed, and taking medications that make me sick to my stomach. But I am thankful for what this stay represents.

TWO YEARS and SEVEN MONTHS since my last overnight stay in a hospital!

Wow, over TWO years!

Let's just say, It has been over TWENTY YEARS since that last happened.

Ever since I was 8 years old, I have been a patient at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and then at Duke for at least a 2 week stay each year. The hospital became my second home. But not any more. It is such a nice blessing, to enjoy and appreciate this moment of being free for so long and not needing medical treatment overnight in a hospital facility. It will be weird going back. I may not remember what to pack. I know for sure: a fan, my own toiletries, my computer, something to read, a blanket. But what else am I missing? Clothes, yes. Because I have always refused to wear the hospital gowns. Except when I was in the ICU setting. I need to partner up with someone, and come up with some tasteful gown-wear. Pictures, yes. So I can show all the awesome staff at Duke how far Gwyn has come from her 1 pound, 6 ounce preemie cute self.

Thank you all for your prayers for this surgery. Lovebug and I will now, live and love each other gallbladderless. Sounds so romantic. It's nice to share something medical in common. We can compare scars. Perhaps, I should mention to Ladybug's surgeon next month about our family's inheritance of gallbladder issues. Yes. Ladybug is scheduled to have ear tube surgery #2, and eye muscle surgery #3 on September 2nd. Please be in prayer for her also. We would all appreciate it. Our medical journey seems never ending.

The end.