About Lovebugs

Faith, Hope & Lovebugs is about that which inspires me. You'll see pictures and thoughts about my family, recipes, crafty items, medical experience and a lot on topics in which I feel passionate. It's about our family's journey and the life lessons instilled within. This includes the love and dirt we've endured and everything in between. Living with cystic fibrosis, giving birth to my premature daughter at 24 weeks, then surviving a double lung transplant and cancer has given me an appreciation for life I never want to take for granted. I love my husband with all my heart. My three year old daughter continues to teach me so much about what life is like when you are hard of hearing with cerebral palsy. Despite her physical difficulties, she is a bright and cheerful little Preschooler. Our family has also had the opportunity in opening our home to foster children which has blessed us tremendously. I hold most dear to my heart my faith in God, my hope for an amazing future, and to enjoy those moments with those who I love and cherish most... my Lovebugs.

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