Giddy Up

My good friend Rebecca, whose blog you can check out here asked me what I would like to do this year for my birthday, something that is adventurous. I mentioned horseback riding on the beach. I have lived on the beach now for about 10 years and have always dreamed of horseback riding on the beach but have never looked into it. This week, my dreams came true!

It was a wonderful experience. The 2 1/2 hour ride went through a wooded path right onto the beach. We experienced some rain during our ride, but it seem to make it complete. Once we got onto the beach we were able to run with the horses. My friend Rebecca fell off her horse while it was running, and thankfully was alright. The last part of our ride was amazing. It is an experience I will always remember. Thanks Equine Avdentures!

Update on Earrings and Reese:

Joy will receive the first pair of earrings, and Virginia the second. Thanks for these purchases and helping a little girl going through so much.

To see more earrings available for Reese. Please check out Rebecca's Blog to view the earrings.


  1. That sounds like the best birthday present ever! Poor Rebecca- I'm glad she was fine.

  2. The fall also made the ride complete! ;) Love you much!

  3. Sounds like an amazing time. What a great gift.