I am really excited about this class for adults being offered this summer in the Outer Banks. After doing some research and not finding any classes being offered for adults on sign language, I happened to meet Trish who has a background in ASL and teaching. I don't believe in coincidences. Ladybug knows some signs, but we are hoping to teach her more. She is working on using expressive language, but for now, total communication has been our preferred method.


  1. Wish I lived in NC so I could come. Only know how to finger spell in BSL, plus a few other signs (Jesus, sing, praise, biscuit, toilet, thank you) and have always wanted to learn sign language properly.

    There's an Australian comedian who actually does some of his stand up shows with a sign interpreter so that people with hearing loss can come to his shows which is pretty cool. I actually wish more churches had things like song words in braille and sign interpreters for their services.

    My friend's team with YWAM had to learn a passage of the bible in ASL as part of their discipleship course. One of them learned Philippians 1, and discovered the embarrassing way that the sign for popcorn and stars are a little similar - they managed to sign to a congregation that they all 'shine like popcorn in a dark & crooked world' - oops!

  2. We have a sign interpreter at our 11am service and I really like it.
    When Kivrin was little and non verbal we watched "Signing Time" (we started checking them out and then bought many of them)- really helped us learn how to sign.
    Good luck with your classes! What a great idea!

  3. what a great opportunity! my best friend and I took ASL during our senior year of high school and we were in the ASL choir together. recently we found our old song glosses and performed for our friends. it was great and made me want to learn ASL again!