Adoption is a beautiful picture of love.

One morning in May of 1982, a healthy baby girl was born in New Jersey. At the age of one week, I was placed in the loving arms of my adoptive parents, Donald and Agnes.

This is just another part of my journey. I really appreciate those parents who have made the decision to adopt in some capacity. My parents are my heroes. Three out of six children in my family are adopted. I believe my family is an awesome example of what a blessing adoption can be.

My husband and I hope to show that same love to other children in need of a loving family. We are really excited for what the future holds.


  1. Your parents are so incredible. This picture is just amazing!

  2. What a beautiful family picture! My sister just adopted a baby girl, and my husband's sister just adopted a baby boy - within the same week of each other! Such an exciting time. . . such an amazing blessing for our families to grow in numbers, and in love.