up and down

Life post transplant has its ups and downs. Having a cystic fibrosis (cf) gene free set of lungs to breathe with gives life an up feeling every day. Trading one set of problems, issues, & concerns for another can be a downer.

Then there is my special case: getting very sick, very quickly, being on a ventilator for 4 months, going through chemotherapy... all make the questions of why variable. I have had some memory problems since my 2008 transplant. They could be related to all of my special case scenarios or possibly the medications I am now on. I decided along with my doctor to switch my main immunosuppressant medication. I did so, in hopes my memory would improve. When I made this big move, the first couple of days I had my first sinus infection since last spring. It seemed a coincidence. Then my stomach was really, really bothering me. My doctor thought, not so much a coincidence. And so now, I refriend my old immunosuppressant medication and risk a bad memory. My phone is now my recorder of all things, and I am trying to adapt as best I can. The palm-pre for free was a great deal! My stomach is feeling much better. And as we all know the saying, "When Mama is not happy, nobody is happy." I can officially say, "I am feeling better and am happy again. Very Happy."

This week I am thankful for donors, thankful for cf free lungs, thankful for the medications that keep me alive. But most of all, I am thankful for a happy stomach. Smile.

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  1. As your friend, I will be reminded to remember to remind you of things you may forget. You are so awesome.