My Weakness

This is my weakness...

Every year around this time, when I go into the pharmacy to collect my monthly med supply, I see this. It brings pure delight and happiness to my soul.

Thank you Cadberry brothers! I'll always be grateful to you for this invention of confectionary goodness.

Can I get a witness?


  1. i am right there with you. i love these things!!!

  2. You've got a witness in me. I have always thought they are simply amazing. Glad I am not alone!

  3. Oh, those are my favorite! For me they are a reward for surviving the long hard winter and are a ray of sunshine that spring is around the corner!

    Tammy/Saskatoon, SK Canada

  4. I used to LOVE them and am disappointed that the older I've gotten, they are too sweet for me to gobble up. I can still eat one slowly though! I did discover they now make them with caramel inside and that one I can almost eat in one big bite! Ha ha.

  5. caramel inside? Say what!?!?

    They are too sweet for me too. BUT, I'm trying the Caramel this year.

  6. Ok. I did not know you got Cadbury's in the USA!

  7. these are by far my favorite candy! I visited Scotland in January a few years ago and was shocked to see they sold Cadbury eggs in January. maybe they even sell them year-round?! I was SOOO jealous!!! (but it's probably better for me that I only get to indulge one season per year.)

  8. I've been fighting a head cold all day long with all those annoying symptoms. My daughter was just on her way out and said, "Do you need anything?" And in my stuffy nosed voice I said, "Yeah, a Cadbury egg." She said, "Oh, okay so no juice, cough drops . . .anything?"

    No thanks, just the egg.

  9. Amen!

    I love Cadbury eggs. I like the caramel ones too.

    You don't know me. :)
    I found your husband's blog 3 years ago when you were in the hospital. Prayed for you a LOT!
    And your precious little one was born on our son's 5th birthday. :)
    I don't get online much anymore, but I check in on you folks every now & then, to see how you are doing. And to pray for you.

  10. I live in england (and am from Scotland)....they hit the shops the moment the Christmas things have cleared out! i always find I am split in my emotions - annoyed that 1 holiday is pushed so quickly after one has finished - and DELIGHTED that they are in the shops! ;-) We have all sorts of eggs here - galaxy caramel ones, white cadbury dream ones, mars ones....and others I can't think of! Creme eggs are the BEST though....that and Cadbury mini eggs! ;-)

    I just found your blog after checking up on you guys at Nathan's blog - it is such a thrill to see how well Gwyneth is doing - our God is a great God!

    God bless you today and every day, as you take joy in seeing your li'l girl grow! x