Gluten Be Gone

Once upon a time there was a happily married couple who enjoyed their lives. They especially enjoyed their mealtimes together. They took pleasure in each others company, delightful conversation about the day, but most of all, the food. Cooking became a favorite hobby.

Until one day, the Duke of Nags Head was getting sick each time the Dutchess made him a hearty meal. This would happen fairly often with gluten full foods. Such as pasta, bread, and basically anything that included flour. Baking cookies, cakes, and pies sadly became a past time. Gluten full foods became forbidden in the household.

This saddened the couple, but they did the best with what they had. It changed their lives. The way they shopped, the method for finding recipes, and of course their meal time. The Dutchess researched and found some great gluten be gone selections for dinner. Gluten (Latin for glue): Is a protein composite found in cereal grains, especially the prolamins in wheat, rye, barley.
They had to find special blogs devoted to gluten be gone meals, since the foodnetworkdotcom was just not cutting it. One of which was http://glutenfreegirl.com One of their favorites! Great website, pictures, resources, information, and of course meals.

They continued on this path of healthy eating and began consuming a lot of rice and potatoes with their meals instead of biscuits or french bread. Blah.

Later on, the Duke began getting sick again. And it wasn't the Dutchess' cooking this time. It was his stomach. His gallbladder to be specific.

It seemed like magic after his stomach fairy took care of him, he began to feel like a new man. He even tried to eat some of the forbidden gluten be full foods. His stomach would normally treat him very badly after such consumptions. But now...

NOTHING happened.

Really, nothing, nada, zilch.

He began eating some of this

and perhaps some of this

and he was elated, NO, over the moon thrilled beyond pieces to eat this again...

and the couple lived happily ever after!


***It was this week that we found out Mr. L was not indeed gluten intolerant as we had suspected for over a year now. He just had a poorly functioning gallbladder.
***{Thank you to the following for sharing your food pictures: www.appalachianfestival.net, www.nytimes.com, glutendoctors.blogspot.com
and restaurantrecipesbook.com. They have now made me hungry.}


  1. great post and YAY! for Gluten filled foods :)

  2. Fantastic! Too bad about the gallbladder, but gluten-free living is so hard! I'm glad to hear that it's a thing of the past.

  3. I dispensed with my gall bladder in May 2009 and have never felt better. I'm glad your husband is doing well post surgery, but I am sorry for all the time he had to go without warm chocolate chip cookies. That must have been terrible!

  4. This post gives me encouragement! I have been told I am LIKELY gluten intolerant... They can't say for sure because I don't have celiac or any other genetically marked thing. I may go back and demand more testing =).

  5. very funny...I love the creativity of this post.