For the love of CHEESE

I would love to see an event like this going down Jockey's Ridge!

What people do for the love of cheese...

Chasing cheese at Cooper's Hill, Richings Park, England

Mike Rugel/Trazzler

Anyone who can chase a wheel of cheese up or down a hill is welcome to compete at the Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling. There are five downhill cheese races (one is for ladies) and four uphill races (boys under 12, girls under 12, men's open and women's open). At the top of the hill, competitors (any number from two to a maximum of about 20) sit in a line and wait. The master of ceremonies escorts an invited guest to the start line and helps him/her to sit on the precipitous slope, holding an eight-pound wheel of Double Gloucester. The guest "roller" releases the cheese, which proceeds to roll down the hill at great speed. The MC gives the racers the signal, and the competitors hurl themselves down the slope after the runaway dairy product. The first person to arrive at the foot of the hill wins the cheese.


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  1. hi there!

    i'm taylor. i went to school with nathan's rachel. i've read his blog for a few years now and feel so inspired by all of the strength and faith and hope and joy your family has shown. i just saw the link to your blog on his blog and found this post! my other half is welsh and we have some friends in gloucster that we visited on new years. just had to say. . . this hill is REALLY that steep! it may as well be a cliff. my andrew and i could not believe it. but it kinda made you chuckle inside about how silly someone is to run down it knowing full well what they were about to do. it may be a bit daft, but isn't bravery a funny thing? and i'm with you, jockey's ridge needs something like this!