My Ladybug is THREE today.

She is fun. She loves to jump and sing and smile.

She is very loving. She will blow just about anyone a kiss. Sometimes she kisses strangers' cars.

She is very energetic. She moves all the time. When her body isn't moving, her head it.

She is tough. Tougher than anyone I know. Perhaps it is because she is missing nerve ending. We are not sure. But it takes ALOT to make her cry.

She is determined. She has her difficulties. With hearing and vision loss, mild cerebral palsy, and balance/coordination. But these things do not hold her back. She is a very determined little lady.

She is small. She is teeny. She was small at birth. (1 lb. 6 oz.) She is a tiny 3. (24 lbs.) But well proportioned for her delicate little features.

She is stubborn. She highly dislikes eating just about everything except for cheese, nuts, yogurt, and peanut butter.

She is cute. Yes, I am bias, because I am her mother. But my petite, blond haired, blue eyed, pink glasses and hearing aid wearing daughter who walks to the beat of her own drummer... I believe is adorable. I try to gobble her up each and every day.

She is a miracle. In every way. I believe God has a great things in store for her life. She was a wonder at birth. She amazes me now. I just know He has wonderful plans for her future.

And that's my three year old in a nut shell.


  1. Oh Tricia,
    I did not know you had a blog!! I LOVE IT! I love you. And I love my 3 year old Great niece! Happy birthday Gwyneth!!

  2. Trisha I have to say that I giggled at your 24 lb, 3 yr old comment. My almost 3 yr old son (in March) was born at 7 lbs 5 oz and now only weighs 27 lbs. . . a whole 3 lbs more than Gwyn. LOL :)

  3. Goodness, I just love this little girl! Though distance keeps our families from seeing one another often, just the thought of Gwyneth brings a smile to my face. She is indeed a precious treasure & I consider it a great honor to simply know her, let alone receive her hugs from time to time. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter, Tricia. She is truly fortunate to have you & Nate as her parents, as are you both to have her as your little girl.

  4. So glad to have "reconnected" and caught up with Gwyneth. I love your new blog! Happy three!

  5. She is indeed amazing! I've been reading Nathan's blog since before she was born, and have been so inspired by her story.

    (My full-term daughter only weighs 26 pounds--I may be biased, but I think tiny girls are very nice.)

  6. Happy Birthday, Gwyneth! I've been reading Nate's blog for about 2 years and I'm excited to read your perspective too. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I hope 2011 brings wonderful things to you and your family.

  7. Precious!! Yes she is a true miracle baby! So beautiful-- I love her <3